Aydee Pacco Quispe

AYDEE also works and studies to have a better future, she looked for many places to work but nowhere did she get the opportunity to work on weekends since that made her studies difficult and as all the people who self-educate need to work and study at At the same time to achieve her dreams, she is studying education and studying from Monday to Friday, she tells us that one day she was about to give up her studies but her inner light did not allow her and she got up and said: I will write my story and will have a happy ending then it was at that time when she heard of ALPACA EXPEDITIONS where she would have the opportunity to work on weekends and study, of course the company would not refuse to give her that opportunity, she currently works as one of the porters of the company and is very grateful for that great opportunity to work with ALAPCA EXPEDITIONS.

Good luck to her.

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