Nohemi Huillca Callo

Nohemi is one of our porters who has been working with Alpaca Expeditions for three years. Despite having a complicated history with her husband leaving both her and her daughters, she did not let it prevent her from moving forward. She did what she could for work to bring bread to the table of her home. Her husband still never helped with her daughters financially. But her brother who works at the travel agency Alpaca Expeditions stepped in to help. He informed her that there was an opportunity to work there. She did not hesitate and started working as soon as she could. This job allowed her to get ahead in life and be able to help her daughters. She always said that “nothing is impossible” and “the only important thing is to never give up.” She is now a successful parent at both the role of mother and father for her daughters.

Good luck to her and her family.

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