How to create a comfortable working place for women?

We understand the importance of extra safety measures to make sure our female guides and porters are comfortable at all times. Sexual harassment is real in all industries, but with women and men sleeping so close together, we needed to be clear on proper behavior. We decided to hire an outside coach to review with everyone on our team the Do's and Don'ts. They helped to reinforce the rules we have at Alpaca Expeditions. No drinking on the job (this leads to poor choices), no touching, careful language, be respectful to everyone. And a reminder that we are a team and we need to stick up for each other and ourselves. Speak up if someone makes you uncomfortable and let management know. Take care of your fellow employee as they are your little brother or sister. Making sure that nobody else is bothering them - from other companies or even clients.

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Women line


Women line

We are dedicated to the empowerment of women by giving them a voice and place in the tourism industry. By equipping them with resources and skills, we can see them break barriers and move mountains every day.